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Our Community

 Who Made Your Dress?--- MOTHERS.

SINCE May 2019, we have worked with the Tboli Tribe of South Cotabato, incorporating their hand woven patterns with our contemporary designs. We started with 2 embroiderers which grew to 10 in 2023. As our demands increased, we tapped the Bagobo Tribe of Digos in 2022 for their Tangkulo, growing from 2 bead workers to 10. We have also grown a community of single mothers in Pandi Bulacan to do hand woven burda and bead works, starting from 2 women in 2022 to 10 in 2023.

Our production hubs multiplied from one (1) in 2019 which is my Modista of 20 years based in Bulacan to 3 more locations, adding Marikina, Bulacan and Taytay composing of pattern makers and seamstresses. We have been supporting weaving communities in Abra (Binakol) , Ilocos (Inabel), Isabela (Kantarines), Negros (Hablon/contemporary patterns), South Cotabato (Tnalak) and Zamboanga (Yakan) consistently, in growing volume, for 4 years now.

Your support is keeping our heritage alive and our communities thrive. Daghang salama sa suporta.