Ugu Bigyan Flower Vase with Tangkay
Ugu Bigyan Flower Vase with Tangkay

Ugu Bigyan Flower Vase with Tangkay

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We have 4 pieces of Ugu Bigyan's Flower Vase with Tangkay made of Bamboo. Sold per piece at P950. Ugu Bigyan sells his items online exclusively with Pinas Sadya. 

Ugu Bigyan, now well-known for his stone craft and design is from Tiaong, Quezon province. His crafts have gone a long way to homes, resorts, hotels and restaurants, making them soundly adorable and rare to find.

To appreciate how a pottery is done, this is Ugu Bigyan's 13 step process. 

In step by step process he showed his works:

1. Mixed white clay together with silica and bullclay.

2. Soak with water for a week or more.  The longer the soak the better it is.

3. Drained the water to get the desired consistency of the clay.

4. Mashed very well so no bubbles will occur.

5. Ready for molding.

6. Mold to desired design.

7. After molding, trimming and cleaning.

8. Air dry (not sun dry because it causes crack)

9.Bring to fiing area and heat for 7 hours at 1,000 degrees centigrade.

10. Cool for one day.

11. He will put his signature. Wax.

12. Fire again for 10 to12 hours depending on colors or design.

13. Add some design, roots (if needed), pricing, display or deliver.