Pinas Sadya Rockwell Pop Up with curated pieces from Vesti Bags and Wear Your Culture

The story of Pinas Sadya is your story. It is about love for yourself, pride in your culture, and the joy of being able to call yourself Filipino. Our Rockwell Pop Up is all about you, your celebration of Filipino pride, culture and craftsmanship. Our small-batch products feature local weaves and hand embroidery, a value we share with VESTI Bags and Wear Your Culture Men's. We represent the weaving communities of Saori, T’boli, Bagobo, Yakan, Tausug and the Manobos of Agusan del Sur. Pinas Sadya Rockwell Pop Up is a space for women and men in all sizes, ages and shapes, celebrating belongingness to an elevated Philippines.


July 1 to August 31

Skeeter Labastilla-Turgut, Founder, Pinas Sadya Community Inc

PINAS SADYA PODCAST: Your Authentic Self

What makes you YOU? How do you identify as a Filipino, wherever you are in the world? In our 20s we search for belongingness, approval and validation and in our 30s we search for our identity, purpose, our authentic self.

This podcast is about realizing that you are Pinas Sadya— born with joy, intent and purpose. Sadyang ikaw. Wala kang katulad, saan man sa mundo.

Hosted by Skeeter Labastilla-Turgut