Our Why

Creating purposeful connections to inspire pride and joy —  for a generation of proud Filipinos

Wear It

From the innovative Kimono Ponchos to the trendiest earrings, fashionable bags, bracelets, rings, scarves and jackets, all are designed to get compliments and start conversations about Philippine heritage.

Live It

A long list of products and weaves from a variety of indigenous tribes; earthenware from the best artisans in the country; baskets, woodwork and other material culture meant to remind us to have pride and joy in Philippine culture.

Preserve It

Stories about our products, the makers, and its materials — these are what makes your purchase special. Your support helps artists and communities in keeping our culture and tradition alive.

Our Community

Who Made Your Dress?

SINCE May 2019, we have worked with the Tboli Tribe of South Cotabato, incorporating their hand woven patterns with our contemporary designs. We started with 2 embroiderers which grew to 10 in 2023. As our demands increased, we tapped the Bagobo Tribe of Digos in 2022 for their Tangkulo, growing from 2 bead workers to 10. We have also grown a community of single mothers in Pandi Bulacan to do hand woven burda and bead works, starting from 2 women in 2022 to 10 in 2023. 

Our production hubs multiplied from one (1) in 2019 which is my Modista of 20 years based in Bulacan to 3 more locations, adding Marikina, Bulacan and Taytay composing of pattern makers and seamstresses. We have been supporting weaving communities in Abra (Binakol) , Ilocos (Inabel), Isabela (Kantarines), Negros (Hablon/contemporary patterns), South Cotabato (Tnalak) and Zamboanga (Yakan) consistently, in growing volume, for 4 years now. 

Your support is keeping our heritage alive and our communities thrive. Daghang salama sa suporta.