Podcast PINAS SADYA: Your Authentic Self

What makes you YOU? How do you identify as a Filipino, wherever you are in the world? In our 20s we search for belongingness, approval and validation and in our 30s we search for our identity, purpose, our authentic self.

Pinas Sadya founder Skeeter left the corporate world at 32 to raise a family and grow her own businesses yet she lost herself along the way, seeking validations and approval from others. After a decade long journey to rediscover her authentic self, she's now unapologetically living her true purpose---creating empowering platforms that build a generation of proud Filipinos. (Yung totoo!)


In this podcast, she reconnects with long lost friends she hasnt seen for years. Together, they look back how they separately found themselves in the chaos of age 30-40. Pinas Sadya: Your Authentic Self, is about navigating life between ages 30 to 40, that time in our lives when we journey to our authentic selves amidst the life's chaos. Break ups and finding the one, going abroad and choosing to stay, marriage or not, kids or not, leaving corporate life to raise a family or grow a business, giving birth and post partum depression, weight gain and health issues, financial loss and losing a loved one, taking a break to find yourself and finally celebrating you.

This podcast is about realizing that you are Pinas Sadya---born with joy, intent and purpose. Sadyang ikaw. Wala kang katulad, saan man sa mundo.

Hosted by Skeeter Labastilla-Turgut. 

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Ep 01: 30 vs. 40

I reconnected with Trish, my good old friend from clubbing days. We last saw each other 10 years ago. She got married at 30 and we both just turned 40 recently. With 14 hours between Oregon to Manila, we talked about what happened in between our clubbing days to changing diapers. From finding a great job to post partum depression. And the deep realization why we acted such, in different milestones in our lives. We have come to accept the varying versions of our selves as we navigated the age 30-40.

Ep 02: The Multiple You. 

Meet Kakay. We hated each other when we met in Dumaguete when we were 25. Ten years of friendship later, i asked her to be my maid of honor at my wedding. That's the gist of our friendship. Its raw, real, unfiltered, and always evolving. Imagine Kakay at 25. A poker major minor in Psychology, singing Jazz on the stage, in Havaianas with no make up, with a bottle of Tanduay on one hand and smoking a cigarette on the other, while belting classic and soulful jazz songs. Now, Kakay is a Pastor, a minister and bible teacher, an activitist and a proud member of the LGBTQ Community. In this episode, we talked about our Multiple Selves and the "flow" that brings us to our next version of ourselves, which is diverse and forever evolving, multiple, yet one.

Ep 03: Marriage or Not 

IS MARRIAGE for everyone? What's the next step after dating for 5 years, 7 years? For whom is the marriage for? What is the intention of getting married? For the woman to have security, for the man to  claim legality, for the parents and their religiosity or for tradition and social construct who dictates that marriage is decency, otherwise you're indecent, an outcast. 

In modern times today, some couples CHOOSE NOT to get married. How did this new norm come about, how does this arrangement feel like for the woman who bears the child and for the man who has to support the child. Is not being married but living as a family the new norm of most couples in modern times.  Well, people change, and the person you married 15 years ago most likely is not the same person now. 

What if you dont like to be with that person anymore? And in the Philippines, there's no Divorce.  How would you know if marriage is for you or not?

From Pinas Sadya Podcast, this is  Your Authentic Self, a celebration of the real you between ages 30-40.   Episode 3: Marriage or Not with guests Charlene Falcis and Lester Fuentes, a couple whove been together for 15 years, lived together for 9 years, shared 1 child, a house and several businesses together. Find out how their arrangement of not getting married has made them stronger than other married couples.

Ep 04: What is Success?

What is success? Is it a destination, a world prescription of a better life? Better cars, bigger house, exclusive membership, a posh address, a PhD, a higher position in the company, great kids with a spouse who has a great surname. The list is endless. 

What does success feel like? Where do you find success and how do you get it?

Find out how Golda can peacefully and powerfully decline a Job Offer in Geneva and New York, and choose stay in her hometown in Dumaguete where she continues to contribute to the world, at her own terms, joyfully.

Ep 05: Going Abroad or Choosing to Stay

Have you thought of working and living abroad? Was it a possibility you once entertained, or is it your reality now? If you're a Filipino who grew up in the Philippines, and you had an opportunity to live in another country, what factors did you consider before leaving? What trade offs did you have to live with, for you to have the luxury of being abroad. Is living abroad really a luxury?

Meet Maha. A New-York based Scientist who's working on Coronavirus Vaccine. She's lived alone in Zurich, Tel Aviv, Berlin and New York. All big cities which can eat you alive, if you're weak. What are Maha's survival skills to thrive in these countries, alone?

Reyna had a career and a life in the Philippines having  several businesses and her entire clan based here. But her husband is in Australia. Fear and Love, both powerful 4-letter words can either stop us and propel us in life. What trade offs did she have to live with as she uprooted herself  to a new country without friends and relatives?