Pinas Sadya: Sadyang Ikaw, Walang Katulad

Pinas Sadya: Sadyang Ikaw, Walang Katulad

I was deep in depression in 2018. Out of work and struggling to be a stay at home mom, I traveled within. I confronted my fears by acknowledging that I feared failure my whole life. I lived for the validation of others and I succumb to my family and society’s trap: the idea of success. When I was “unsuccessful” in my professional and personal life, I crumbled into pieces. Slowly I picked myself up, by showing up everyday, this time, as the real me.

I’ve had 20 years of corporate experience in media planning, strategy and brand activation, from a billion dollar company to start ups, but none of it was my own—my own voice, my own style and platform. Yet I realized, that I’ve always had it within me, my innate skill in mothering and birthing, I’ve always mothered teams and projects, and birthed ideas and platforms, but I never claimed them as my own co-creation. I never realized, that my creations for the brands I helped build, were unique to me with my own stamp of style and execution.

 Deep in my journey to find my authentic self, I got my voice back, and I’m home again, as the real me, the creator of empowering platforms that build a generation of proud Filipinos. My “Why” is creating spaces with abundance and joy, and that’s what you will exactly find in Pinas Sadya.

 I was heavily pregnant in 2018 when I conceptualized Pinas Sadya. A month after I gave birth, we launched the brand (that’s 3 births in 1 year! My authentic self, Pinas Sadya and Ayla my youngest daughter). Our first model was Oday, my yaya. A daughter of the Datu (chieftain) of Higaunon Tribe in Agusan del Sur, Oday was one of the rainforest protectors of Esperanza. Oday can’t read nor write, but she works like an ox, toiling the field for a mere $4 a day. I was lucky to find her and took her in, flew her in a plane, offered her a good salary package, and she works extra as my model.

 On the days we shoot our products, I’d be the make up artist, stylist, location scout, photographer, logistics coordinator, director, editor and Oday would push the stroller around with Ayla on it. We shoot everywhere. We stop and I breast feed. We go around and shoot again.

 Pinas Sadya celebrates women supporting women. Mothers or not, we have innate talent in mothering. Weavers, farmers, entrepreneurs, content creators, we all give birth to ideas, concepts, beautiful creations as extensions of our soul. No one is the same, each one of us is different.

We source our pieces directly from the communities of weavers and craftsmen, start up creators and independent artists nationwide. Together, we make, curate and aggregate bespoke Home and Lifestyle pieces for you, like you, that is unique, born with joy, intent and purpose. Sadyang ikaw, walang katulad. Pinas Sadya.



Co-Founder and CEO

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