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BIYAYA COLLECTION where every thread, every pattern, and every stitch is a blessing that keeps our heritage alive.

Introducing the magical process behind our Biyaya Collection! 🌟 From the vibrant color palette to the intricate weaving by various indigenous communities, this collection is a true testament to the spirit of Pinas Sadya and the blessings we've received from the communities we have worked with all these years.

Step by step, we've embarked on a remarkable journey, from choosing the colors, patterns, and fabrics,carefully curated to celebrate the diverse traditions and craftsmanship found across our beautiful culture. ❤️🌿

First, we sourced the fabrics from the weavers of Maranao Tribe of Marawi and Sulu, the Yakan Tribe of Zamboanga, and the Tingguian Tribe of Abra.

Next, our talented 5 Teams of dressmakers translated my designs into patterns and meticulously produced into dresses by our production hubs in Tanay, Marikina, Cavite, Bulacan, and Las Pinas 👗✂️

To truly honor our heritage, we collaborated with the Tboli Tribe of Cotabato, known for their exceptional hand beading techniques. These skilled artisans hand-weave the fabrics with utmost care, infusing each piece with their timeless artistry and cultural pride.