Isang karalangan ang magkaroon ng MALAKING BIYAYA sa katauhan ng mga taong hinahangaan ko (as a mother/creator) who have become part of the Pinas Sadya Family. Bituin, Ronita and Janice are primarily Pinas Sadya supporters whom i have humbly (and nervously) asked to be our model for our inclusive plus size line. 

Our Malaking Biyaya Plus Size Line is inspired by Janice, who would many times show up to our events and say "sana i have a size din". As a mother of 3 who struggle to accept my new body, i was humbled in realizing that each body is different, it reacts differently to  circumstance, but deep inside were all the same. Were all fashionable amazing women who are joyful and innately creative in our hearts. 

Here's to MOTHERING (which also means SLAYING) our pieces in all sizes, because truly, we are all malaking biyaya in our own rights.